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Results from the 2017 Butterfly Canada Cup

The Markham PanAm Centre, Ontario is the host for the 2017 edition of the Butterfly Canada Cup. The second biggest national event will feature the best Canadian Athletes from March 11th to the 12th 2017. 

Find all the results right here from this 3 days event. If you cannot make it in person, follow it LIVE online.

Men Women
 Position 1-8    Position 1-8  
 Position 9-12    Position 9-12  
 Position 13-16    Position 13-16  
 Position 17-20    Position 17-20  
 Position 21-24    Position 21-24  
 Stage 2 - Qualification 1-12      
 Group A B C D     Group A B C D   
 Stage 2 - Qualification 13-24  
 Group E F G H     Group E F G H   
 Stage 1 - Qualification