Referee Report for Canada Cup #2

By Tony Shaw

The 2015 Canada Cup #2 was held on November 14-15, 2015 at Fortius Sport and Health in Burnaby, British Columbia.  There were 8 competition tables and 2 practice tables set up in the gym. There were 4 events: Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, U-2250 Singles and U-1750 Singles.  The playing system for rating events was round robin format first, followed by single knockout. Men’s and Women’s singles were played using 3 stages.  Players in the Men’s and Women’s played more matches that the usual format, which was a delight for most of them.   

During the two days of competition there was a red card shown on the first day due to unauthorized coaching during the match.  The coach refused to leave and the referee had to inject the person from the coaching area.  There were two unexpected venue issues that occurred during the tournament. The first was the circulation fan in the gym was too powerful causing some wind which affected Tables 2 and 6.  Matches were moved to other tables due to player concern. The second issue was from condensation dripping on Table 7 from the heating systems.  Matches were also moved to other tables to resolve these issues.  

Two Recommendations:

The first recommendation is to have TTCAN assign a DR designate or umpire manager to assist the Referee in the two days of duty.  Although the tournament was smaller in scale, problems did arise that required the attention of the referee and it would have benefitted having an extra person to help.

Second recommendation is to have a minimum of 16 umpires – 10 umpires were listed; however, one was absent and another one was assigned to be a photographer by BCTTA.  With only 8 umpires for 8 tables, there were very little for breaks and coverages. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the URC-Table Tennis Canada for assigning me to officiate the 2015 Canada Cup #2 in Burnaby, British Columbia. I had the opportunity to work with an extremely dedicated group of officials for this event.