Report from the 2015 Para Pan American Games in Toronto – Karol Ziduliak

Referee Team: Referee - Silvia Garro (CRC), DR - Maria Ferreira (BRA), DR - Karol Ziduliak (CAN) 
Umpires: 27 IUs + 9 NU from 14 countries. They have put in long hours without any complaints. Ball boys and girls: Every day 20-25 volunteered. They have worked very well.

As at a previous Para Pan American Games the draws had to be made first by Dr. Wu program, then copied to ATOS system. All the information to delegations and media was then spread by ATOS.

Results were input into both systems, because the stage 2 draw was made again by Dr. Wu program. As a matter of interest I have made draws for both Singles and Teams 4 times before the Tournament, because entries kept on changing. At the end it was for nothing, because the TD decided, that he will do the draws. 
I was asking at least to be present at the draws. TD has indicated that if in the future, the Para Pan Am Games would not want to use only Dr. Wu program, the Tournament would not be approved as a factor 50.

The support team of Para Pan American Games under the leadership of Denise Perrier and Callum White was superb. They were ready to do whatever we have asked them right away.  

There were many articles on ITTF web site. There are also video clips on ITTF official You tube channel. As always I have enjoyed working at the PTT Tournament. The players and their coaches appreciate very much the work we are doing at these tournaments. 

Brazil as a host of the Paralympic Games 2016 indicated that they are very serious with preparation of their players for that occasion. 

They have amassed 15 Gold medals, 9 silver medals and 6 bronze medals. All the other countries together had 8 Gold medals.

Canada finished quite respectfully on 5-th place with one of each medals.

It was Stephanie Chan with gold medal in Women Singles class WS6-7, Ian Kent – Mojtahed Masoud with silver medal in Men Teams class MT6-8 and Ian Kent with bronze medal in Men Singles class MS8.

Respectfully submitted by Karol Ziduliak.

Players: 92 male players and 30 female players from 16 countries
  • Accommodation: In Paralympic Village. Very good with Wi-Fi internet access
  • Meals: Breakfasts and Dinners in the dining hall of the Paralympic Village (open 24 hours). Food was very good, with many different types of food. Nutritionist was on site, giving advice to athletes. Because the traveling time from the Village to the venue was about 50 minutes, there was a simple food provided at the venue for those who had no time to get back to the Village for lunch.
  • Mechanical Service: in the Village
  • Transportation:  At the beginning small problems, later on everything has worked well
  • Venue: Markham Sport hall

There was an office for TD, Referees and Classifiers. There was also Wi-Fi internet access

Training site: in the High School about 200 meters from the venue.
Meetings: In the hall
Dates: August 8 – 10, 2015 Individual Events, August 11 – 13, 2015 Team Events.
Tables:  5 San-EI tables for standing players, 5 San-EI tables for wheelchair players
Balls: White *** Double Fish 40+

Call Areas: There had to be formed 2 different Call areas, so the wheelchairs especially in team events could fit in. Both were supervised by DRs.

Racket Control: Supervised by a DR, control done by an umpire and volunteers.
Doping Control: Done according to IPC regulations.
Medical Service: In the Village and in the playing hall.
Ceremonies: According to IPC regulations and procedures.

Draws: done by Dr. Wu program
Results to delegations and media : done by ATOS 
Score was shown by electronic score indicators inside the playing area. Unfortunately the indicators were not high enough; the spectators had a hard time to see it.